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7 Mental Toughness Tips

As an entrepreneur, resiliency and mental toughness are a critical ingredient to long-lasting success. If you don’t think of yourself as tough, you may be able to shift your perspective today.


Soft Skills Are As Important As Hard Skills To Get Hire in Top Companies

When applying for jobs, most of us focus heavily on hard skills. These are the skills that are quantifiable and measurable, like having a certain qualification, increasing sales by X% in your last job, or being able to speak a foreign language.

While these hard skills are important, soft skills, also known as ‘people skills’, are often just as valuable.


Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas.  Critical thinking has been the subject of much debate and thought since the time of early Greek philosophers such as Plato and Socrates and has continued to be a subject of discussion into the modern age.


Critical Thinking: Best-Kept Secret to Achieving Massive Success

Critical thinking skills are essential to success — any kind of success. Successful individuals are thinkers and they surround themselves with thinkers.

Consider Warren Buffett. He is known as the most successful investor of all time, and by his own estimate, he has spent 80 percent of his career reading, And what makes him so successful is that he isn’t willing to be a passive recipient of what he reads.

Stay Hungry. Be Humble. Always Hustle

HUMBLE: Who am I?
HUNGRY: Where do I want to go?
HUSTLE: How will I get there?


Have Zero Tolerance for Wrong Decisions is Secret to a Successful Life

Life is full of decisions. Whether we choose this over that, we make a decision and its impact comes afterward. From time to time, we encounter situations where we need to make a decision. And the decision could have led us to fortune or failure.


If You Understand These 2 Important Principles Of Love, Your Relationships Will Be Much Better

Every day, a marriage or a relationship falls apart. Sometimes we can point to the reason why: he cheated, she lied, he’s irresponsible, she’s too high-maintenance. Sometimes, though, a relationship falls apart and we don’t know why. We think it must be our fault, that we chose the wrong partner and our incompatibility was the cause for the failure. What if finding out that two important principles of love will improve every relationship you will ever have?


Happiness: We All Look For But Never Really Understand

As emotional beings, it can sometimes be difficult to accurately define a feeling. So much can get lost in translation and leaves something to be desired. Perhaps that’s a part of the reason that so many people have trouble achieving happiness. At times it just seems so elusive and complex. I mean, what is happiness really? Are you only truly happy if you only experience that emotion, and that one alone?


Follow these Psychological Tricks To Make Your Life Much Easier

Communicating and dealing with people can be hard for everyone at one point or another. Whether it’s work related or if it’s pleasure, it’s important to learn these psychological tricks to make things run much more smoothly. These are not to be confused with ways to maliciously manipulate others into getting what you want but to simply improve overall communication and relationships with others.


You Will Be Smart Enough To Create Something That Matters If You Have These Habits

You’ve probably found yourself here because you’re curious to see whether you have any of the habits mentioned. We’re all capable of creating something that matters. Sometimes, we just get stuck in a rut and it’s hard to come out of it. Our minds work in incredible ways, but even the smartest and most creative people run out of ideas sometimes. Check out the 7 habits below, and start incorporating them into your life today.


Doing Silly Things, Make Us More Confident

Someone who does everything well, believes in his competence, and has pride in his achievements? Or someone who does stupid things occasionally in front of others?

The former description might seem to fit the typical definition of confident people. Innumerable articles and discussions tell us that to be more confident, we need to remind ourselves of what we have achieved whenever we doubt ourselves.


Follow These Principle to Achieve Success

We all want to achieve success and we all know it very well that is not that easy to attain it. In order to achieve success, you need to follow certain principles and live by it to fulfill your dream. And also, one needs to overcome all the difficult situations to accomplish a goal. To become successful in your life, you should always put your best efforts in everything you do.


10 Secrets for Getting Success in Life

Do you ever question if some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth? Why are some people very successful and others trying to catch the drift of life? Well, it is all about working hard, having a passion, and being smart about it.


Follow these 10 best tips for achieving anything you want in your life.

Just how committed are you to your goal? How important is it for you, and what are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve it? If you find yourself fully committed, motivation will follow.


Self Love Quotes, Which Will Make You Mentally Stronger

Did you ever lie on the bed with depression, thinking “i am full of flaws”, “i hate myself”, or even “I am worthless”?

Self-love is never an easy job. When we did something below expectation, we may sometimes fall into the anxiousness of not being good enough, judging ourselves harshly instead of appreciating ourselves for what we did.

Here are some inspirational quotes about self-love!


Make Your Kid Feel Secure In The Early Days If, You Want Your Kids To Be Happy For A Lifetime.

Has your child ever scraped their knee on the playground, then come running to you, crying, with open arms? When kids feel secure with their parents or caregivers, they automatically turn to them for comfort. Some parent behaviors foster that sense of security, while other actions can break it down.

Knowing the right way to react to your child in certain situations can be tricky. Here’s what to do to ensure you are raising your child to be a secure adult and setting them up to form healthy relationships later on.


9 Quotes from Steve Jobs that will inspire you to pursue your passion

The innovator was a huge inspiration to millions of people around the world because he pursued his passion and made the world’s most valuable corporation from scratch.

Here are some quotes from the innovator to inspire you.

The simplicity with which he lived his life.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”


7 Life Quotes From Richard Branson, Which Will Change Your Life

Becoming an entrepreneur at a mere age of 16, Branson’s desire and passion for his work has made him one of the most prominent figures in British Culture. Having a net worth of $5.2 billion, he is one of the sharpest minds in the business and these 7 inspirational quotes from him will prove why.


Sundar Pichai: The Indian Who Turned The American Dream Into Reality

Sudar Pichai- The Indian Born CEO Of Google

However, if there is one Indian who has made us proud and achieved the “American Dream”, it’s the Indian-born American CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. It is still a big news for many that an Indian has taken the throne at the greatest tech giant of all time. Sundar Pichai’s achievement has indeed given wings to hopes of several Indians who are striving hard to achieve something in the Silicon Valley.


24 books you’ve never heard of, It’ll change your life.


Science Says “Argue With Your Partner Over Small Things Often”,  It’s Good For Your Relationship

Relationships aren’t always easy. Arguments and disagreements are expected when two people with different life experiences, views and perspectives come together. But how often are we told that arguing with our partner means the relationship is doomed? That disagreeing often is a sign that you just aren’t compatible? Well, if you find you bicker a lot with your loved one there may be a saving grace – science says it is, in fact, a great indicator for your relationship and here’s how.


Life Is Too Short. Not Every Book Is Meant To Be Finished. Learn About This Rule

Many people think that once we buy a book, we should finish reading it. When we can’t, we feel kind of guilty. And that unfinished task would stay in our mind for a long time. This is called sunk cost fallacy, which means your decisions are based on previously invested resources. The more you invest in something, the harder it is to quit it.


15 Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2017

As the ever-expanding world of technology continues to grow in its reach, so too do the various jobs, skills, and programming languages. Since the dot-com bubble of the 1990s and early 2000s, we’ve seen a great proliferation of various programming languages, and that growth shows no signs of slowing. Indeed, some lists suggest there are close to 300 different languages one can learn. It’s no secret that coding skills are highly sought after and often very well compensated in the workforce, but no one can learn every language, and some skills are more valuable than others.


People Who Cry Often Are Mentally Stronger

Why does one person get choked up over those heart wrenching SPCA commercials, while another will barely shed a tear for the death of a loved one – if even then? Does the exhortation “Have a good cry” carry any physiological or psychological merit?

Researchers have begun studying the science of crying in an effort to help us better understand what human tears mean from social, psychological, and neuro-scientific perspectives. Recent studies show that crying is not only perfectly healthy but is also critical for good mental health and stability.


True Winners Don’t Just Aim To Win, They Appreciate And Learn From Their Competitors

Imagine the moment you realized you weren’t the award winner right after you’d delivered your thank you speech, how would you feel? It probably feels like something super precious being taken away forcefully with no mercy showed. You probably would feel so disappointed that you wouldn’t feel like your competitors could be your friends.


To Have Better Control Of Your Life, Remember To Focus On Your Own Life

People say you can’t control much in life. Partly true.

You can’t control 100% about what happens in your life, but you can choose how to live with them. This is what differentiates successful people from unsuccessful ones.

This seems to be easier said than done. Indeed we need some concrete ways to do so. Below are 5 tips to help you focus on yourself and have a more fulfilling life.


People Often Fail To Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat always seems to be a hard task. One reason is that there are many myths that make people’s efforts wasted. Below are 4 common ones.


Two Very Common Fatal Mistakes People Make In Their Relationships That Ruin Their Lives

You’re in a relationship and you really want to stay that way. But after you commit, things start to go wrong and before you know it, you’re sitting heartbroken in your room crying. Sound familiar? About 40-50% of married couples get divorced in the United States today. So what can you do to make sure you avoid adding to the dismal number? For starters, avoid these two common fatal mistakes.



Smart People Don’t Answer Questions At Once, Instead Follow These Steps First

Many of us think that the faster we respond, the smarter we sound.

But have you regretted saying the wrong things and you wish you didn’t say it so quickly? Remember how you often realize you should say this instead of that before you go to bed?


If You Need To Summarize Life In Five Words, What Would It Be?


Smart People Go Through These 4 Stages To Develop Their Critical Thinking Abilities

Simply getting more information won’t make you smarter

Everyone wants to be smarter. Sometimes, we’re just amazed by those who can think quickly and deeply. To be like them, we easily make the assumption that the larger our knowledge bases are, the smarter we become. While this assumption is true in some sense, it doesn’t present the whole picture. Compared with how much information we come across, it’s more important to pay attention to how we interpret the information.


Someone Asks What We Shouldn’t Do Anymore That Wastes Our Time, And His Answers Are Brilliant


If You Don’t Want To Live With Regrets, Remember These 8 Things


8 Hard Truths About Life, You’ll Become Much Stronger

Life is many things. Life is beautiful and miraculous, and it’s wonderful. But there is one thing life isn’t: easy. There are times when this is more apparent than others. We don’t always make it any easier on ourselves either; we hold onto notions and habits and notions that are incorrect, ludicrous, or even harmful to us.


Happiness Isn’t About How Much You Have, But How Much You Enjoy Life

Many of us believe that the more we have, the happier we are. But is it really the truth?

As economy develops, we seems to be able to live a better life. Earning money to buy the things that we desire, that’s how it goes. But do these material possessions always guarantee long-lasting happiness?


Save This Image If You Want To Keep Yourself Motivated Throughout The Day.


6 Big Mistakes That Destroy Family Relationships

Family should be a person’s first source for love, acceptance, and support. Unfortunately, many extended families are failing miserably as the people within the family do things to undercut family unity. Understanding the problem is the first step in finding a solution.

6 things that destroy extended family include:


15 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

 Relationships are tricky things. Sometimes they are difficult to navigate. Sometimes you’ve been in one too long to realize it’s not right. Sometimes you get so comfortable with unhappiness that you forget what happiness looks like, or don’t feel like you can do better.


50 Small Acts That Make Your Partner Feel Loved In A Relationship

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”~Franklin P. Jones

Romantic relationships seem to require a lot of time and energy once the initial honeymoon stage is over. Keeping the spark in a relationship doesn’t have to entail big, elaborate declarations of love. It’s actually the little things that make your partner feel most loved.


Startups need these Five Types of Employees

The success of any startup company is based on their creativity, their direction and the strategies that they can apply to consolidate in the market. Nevertheless, there are some very important aspects for the growth and success of businesses or emerging startups: the employees. For this reason, and many others we must know and understand the fact that there are several kinds of employees in the market, and here is a list of five of them, you should have in your company in order to achieve as much success as possible.


Aim For Rejection In 2017

Dear Sir/Madam: Congratulations! You have just been rejected, so better luck next time. Such a message might not be cause for immediate celebration. In fact, I imagine it would raise strong feelings of inadequacy. Yet that’s not quite the whole story.


Shut Up. Why talking too much can damage your career

You have two ears and one mouth. You should use them in that ratio”. My old boss, the late (great) Ray Sale often reminded a younger (and considerably more verbose) version of myself of this on a fairly regular basis.


10 reasons why you are smart… even though YOU don’t think so

“The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence”. So said prolific American writer & poet Charles Bukowski. And in a recent Business Insider article, they debate the notion that people who are unsure of their own intellect are actually smarter than they think they are…


IQ vs EQ – which makes you more successful?

What makes you successful at work? Being smarter? Being more assertive? Being better looking? Well according to a recent CNN report it’s proven that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays a more pivotal role in ensuring your success at work…


7 Things You Don’t Want to Learn Too Late in Life

We should never regret too much in our lives. However, there comes a time when we realize there are things that, if we had known them earlier, could have benefited us a lot in our younger years. Maybe we only come to these realizations through personal growth and experience, but sometimes we can go through life not being fully aware of situations until we hit a crisis point that leads us to question whether we truly did or cherished things to the best of our ability.


3 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running

Running is one of the most beloved exercises. It helps burn calories, and it is a great stress reliever. Moreover, it requires almost nothing, except a good pair of running shoes and an open road. Nevertheless, even if it burns calories, it does it at 10 calories per minute, during a normal marathon pace.


20 Things Smart People Don’t Do

The first question that merits an answer is what makes an individual smart. Is it the abundance of facts that one can memorize? Is it the above average, or exceptional, IQ?  Perhaps, it is the wisdom to make a sound decision at the crucial moment, or knowing how to make the best out of the bad situation.


10 Psychological Tricks That Can Make Your Life Much Easier

Communicating and dealing with people can be hard for everyone at one point or another. Whether it’s work related or if it’s pleasure, it’s important to learn these psychological tricks to make things run much more smoothly. These are not to be confused with ways to maliciously manipulate others into getting what you want, but to simply improve overall communication and relationships with others.


How To Release Negative Emotions Before They Affect Your Health

It’s a proven fact that negative emotions have a direct impact on short-term and long-term physical health. There is a direct connection between your mind and your body. The body reacts by releasing different hormones and chemicals based on different emotions. Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin are released when we are happy and Cortisol and Norepinephrine are released when we are stressed.


5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Stress and Relax Completely

When was the last time you had a quality time dedicated to relaxing? The modern age we are living in forces us to spend more time at work, and since one day has only twenty-four hours, the contemporary “average Joe” chooses to renounce relaxing time in favor of work. Stress is on the rise for the past decade, and according to several statistics, around 80% of workers today are exposed to this condition.


The 5-Hour Rule That Turns Ordinary People Into Successful Ones

You work hard day after day but never see any long-term improvement. You feel trapped at your current level, unable to move forward or progress. You see friends and colleagues moving on and getting promoted and wonder what’s different about you.


If You Have This Key Behavior, You’ll Be More Successful Than 90% Of People

An important CEO decided to retire from his chocolate-making business empire that he had spent the past 40 years building. Gathering his two sons into the office, he announced that the younger son would take over with immediate effect.