HR Services

LifeHunt, cater every administrative, consultation, managerial and support function concerning HR. We are proud to serve our clients from a typically small to mid-size firms. Our HR outsourcing services relieves you of HR responsibilities and focus on your core business activities. This strategic tool helps you to improve your business by:

  • Helping you to improve the employer-employee relations.
  • Helping you in reducing and managing overall operational costs.
  • Providing you with skilled HR professionals.

The Human Resource services that are being outsourced include:

  • Compensation, Analysis and Planning
  • Conducting Opinion Surveys
  • Creating and Revising Training Manuals
  • Creating and Updating Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Relations Consultation
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Employee Training and Orientations
  • Employee Newsletter Support
  • HR Consultation Services
  • Managing HR Records
  • Payroll Management Work